“From the startling metaphoric seize of the opening, the lines propel themselves full throttle, through sonic reverberations and imaginative mimesis. Like that loud kid at the pool, here’s a poem that shouts and leaps boldly and compellingly, demanding — and deserving — our full attention.” (John Newlove Award judge Stephanie Bolster)

The John Newlove Award, administered by Bywords:

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John Newlove’s selected, A Long Continual Argument:

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The strength of the text lies in this cobbling juxtaposition. Writing from a culture that zips through information at a stunning speed, the poems’ interjections of outside text inside deeply personal confession is reflective of most reader’s lives. “Memory Parity Error,” for example, mixes Magnetic Fields lyrics with a lament for remembering, a strange poem that merges those lyrics with raw emotional reflection and computer language and syntax (“If you bluescreen” and “Is this what you remember?, send.”). As the title of the text hints at, the body (and, in this poem, memory) is being outsourced to mechanical counterparts – here the narrator is attempting to regain that small space of memory, recalling and begging for that “latest version/saved much later.”

Full version here, written by Aaron Tucker for the Agora Review.